Friday, February 10, 2012

A Brief Musical Interlude

Back in 1979, when I had a record player in my room, I would make up my own dances to the music of Supertramp. I think I may have seen a modern dance performance once because I started, as you do, all curled up in a ball on my bed, and then I would, to the music, slowly unfold, which was meant to mimic birth, you see. This really meant to connect me to the deepness that is Supertramp. It was an album my mother’s friend had gotten me for my birthday. A strange gift really, for a nine-year-old, a record. How could this person have possibly known what music I liked? And I was a bit uneasy at first, you have to understand, having no idea what exactly Supertramp was supposed to be, or was supposed to do. But I soon discovered that the instrumental beginnings of some songs were just perfect for these dances I created in my bedroom. Many years later, a freshman in college, a boy I liked handed me the very same Supertramp album (an unwrapped cassette actually) for my birthday. Again I felt uneasy. What was it about this music? This time, I could hardly bear to listen to it because it brought back memories of those long ago dances in my room. And the boy, who played bass with long, skinny fingers that I could not get over, why exactly did he think I would want such a thing? I eventually asked him, Why Supertramp? I thought you should have this album, he said. And to this day, I cannot decide what I think of Supertramp and it’s likely I never will.


SZ said...

To which song did you dance? Was it "Goodbye Stranger"?

Anonymous said...

Odd. My brother gave me that Supertramp album for Christmas that year. I hadn't asked for it. I loved the cover art. Supertramp falls into my Coldplay spot -- a band that everyone else adores that just passes through me without making much of an impression. To damn with faint praise, they are pleasant enough.

- Bridgett

Hope said...

I am fond of Supertramp--and I'm not ashamed to say it. Although Supertrooper is kind of bizarre.